Integrate Shopbnb with Zapier

Effortlessly connect your Shopbnb store to Zapier and optimize your business operations. Enjoy seamless automation and increased productivity.

Prerequisites for Setup

1) Create an account on Zapier

2) Get in touch with Shopbnb support to request an invitation for using the limited Zapier app

3) After completing the invitation, proceed with the subsequent instructions below

Instructions for setting up your first zap

1) Visit Zapier and initiate the creation of a new zap.

2) Choose the trigger and opt for the new chat option.

3) Authentication is required; you'll be prompted to fill in two fields—subdomain and API key.

4) Navigate to Shopbnb Admin > Settings > Integrations to locate your subdomain and API token. If none is visible, create one.

5) After connecting your account with Zapier and publishing, a trigger will be generated for each new chat sent by users.

6) Likewise, you can incorporate triggers and actions from a diverse set of choices offered by Shopbnb.

List of Triggers & Actions


  1. New Booking
  2. New Cancellation Request
  3. New Chat
  4. New Request to book
  5. Updation of Cancellation Request by host
  6. Updation of Request to book by host


  1. Create chat
  2. Sync reviews from Airbnb