Direct booking for stays & hotels.

Create your own website for your booking business and begin selling directly.

Shopbnb was created by hosts, for hosts. With Shopbnb, you can now quickly and easily create your very own professional website for your rental or hotel business and sell directly to guests, making more money from each booking. 

We provide you with all of the tools you'll need to effortlessly manage your own rentals including calendar sync using iCal integrations to avoid double bookings and keep your availability up to date.

Create unlimited listings FREE and only begin paying for Shopbnb when you are ready to begin accepting bookings.

  • Build your own website

    With Shopbnb & Shopify, you'll have all the tools you'll need to create your own website, make it your own with branding, add listings and begin selling stays directly to guests.

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  • Custom pricing controls

    Control everything from date specific pricing, to additional listing fees for pricing and amenities. Add duration discounts for longer stays and much more!

  • Booking management

    With Shopbnb, you'll have all the tools you'll need to manage incoming bookings. Integrate with Shopify Payments, Stripe, PayPal and other leading payment solutions.

  • Create unlimited listings

    From beginning to end, there are absolutely no limits on the amount of listings you can list on your website.

  • Receive unlimited bookings

    Grow and scale your business on your terms without limitations. There are no limitations on the amount of bookings you can receive and manage via Shopbnb.

  • Sync calendars to avoid double booking

    Sync your calendar for your listings with other booking platforms. A two-way sync ensures that you will not double book your property, no matter where bookings are coming in from, while keeping your availability up to date.



Take control of pricing with extensive pricing controls.

  • Date specific pricing.
  • Length discounts.
  • Add-on upsells.
  • Fixed fee support.
  • Integrate with PriceLabs.
  • & more!
  • Channel manager integrations

    Shopbnb works with any iCal based channel managers. Link to systems like Hospitable to manage your Shopbnb listings on any third party channel managers while still selling directly to guests.

  • Take control of pricing

    Take control of your pricing, with more pricing features to be rolled out, you can apply pricing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. You can also use the tools of Shopify to add upsells natively in the same checkout system. 

  • Optional add-on upsells

    Give your guests the ability to add additional services right at checkout. Upsell everything from pool heating to private chef services and more!

  • Control your calendar

    Block out dates and control pricing based on calendar availability and trip duration.

  • Show off amenities

    Show off location and property amenities with a fully selectable prebuilt amenity selector to help engage and encourage prospective guests.

  • Set the rules

    Set house rules so guests know exactly what to expect before, during and after their stay.


Messaging & Integrated Chat

Automate guest check-in & checkout messages with our robust messaging settings.

Add a chat widget directly to your site to manage messages from guests all in your Shopbnb admin.

  • Use your domain
  • Use your branding
  • Full HTML controls
  • & more!
  • Automated listing pages

    Automate your listings page to populate with new and existing listings. Format the page as you'd like and manually sort order listings.

  • Dynamic search

    Give your potential guests the ability to filter listings and search based on date availability, location and maximum guest count.

  • Listing analytics

    View insights into your booking performance with revenue and booking analytics, directly in your Shopbnb dashboard.

  • Co-host

    Have a cost host who assists in the management of your listings? Provide them with access to your Shopify dashboard so they can access your bookings, listings and more!

  • Multi-room support

    List maximum units available on any given day. Whether you are selling direct bookings for experiences like surf lessons or dinner cruises, or your run a hotel - you can now manage all of your bookings within a singular listing by setting maximum units available for booking per day.

  • Standalone dashboard

    Shopbnb operates as it's own standalone application, providing you with a clean and organized place to manage your listings, bookings and more!



We made migration simple. Using our intuitive migration tool, you can now automatically import your listings from third party booking websites into Shopbnb, in seconds.

You can even import reviews from third party booking platforms to showcase your listings true value.

  • Guest Identity Verification

    Now Shopbnb hosts will have peace of mind in knowing if they are booking to verified guests with identity verification. Identity documents are verified through our partners at Stripe Identity to ensure each guest is who they say they are.

  • Language & translation controls

    Translate your site into multiple languages to broaden your guest exposure and control what is said where. For example, you can change "Check-in" to "Departure" if you are booking a boat tour. Control everything, everywhere.

  • Integrations

    Integrate with leading platforms like third party booking platforms, Zapier, Google Vacation Rentals, as well as pricing & PMS platforms like PriceLabs & more!

  • Own your data

    With Shopbnb, your guest is your guest. You have full control over communication with your guest as well as future communication like marketing efforts and campaigns.

  • via Shopify

    Create a website and use tools that Shopify provides like email, SMS texting, online chat bots, account management, referral and loyalty programs and more!

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  • More features to come

    We are constantly working on improvements. From communication to pricing, we are dedicated to building out the very best application for hosts.

For hosts, by hosts.

Create your own website for your business and begin selling directly. With Shopbnb, you can now quickly and easily create your very own professional website and sell directly to guests.