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Welcome to Shopbnb comprehensive documentation on updating mail templates!

This guide provides a detailed overview of the available global variables that can be used when customizing your email templates. Whether you're looking to enhance the branding of your online store or create personalized messages for your customers, this documentation will walk you through the process step by step. Explore the array of global variables at your disposal to craft compelling and engaging emails that leave a lasting impression on your users.

Elevate your communication game with Shopbnb versatile mail template global variables!

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Global Variables in Mail Template

type MailOptions = {
title?: string
body?: string
listing?: Listing
color?: HSBAColor
booking?: Booking


interface Booking {
_id?: string
shop: string
shopifyBookingNumber: string
shopifyOrderId: string
shopifyCustomerId: string
listing: Listing
customer: Customer
billingAddress: BillingAddress
phone: string
email: string
bookedOn: Date
checkInDate: Date
checkOutDate: Date
noOfGuests: number
plan: BookingPlan
discounts: {
title: string
discount: number
amount: number
additionalCharges: {
title: string
amount: number
addOns: BookingAddOn[]
taxLines: {
title: string
rate: number
price: number
totalPrice: number
flags: BookingFlags
type: BookingType
status: BookingStatus
createdAt?: Date
updatedAt?: Date


interface Listing {
_id?: string
shop?: string
shopifyProductId?: string
shopifyProductHandle?: string
shopifyMetafieldId?: string
status?: string
title?: string
email?: string
description?: string
excerpt?: string
location?: { lat: number; lng: number }
images?: ShopifyImage[]
price?: number
dayPrices?: number[] | null
discounts?: ListingDiscount[]
additionalCharges?: ListingAdditionalCharge[]
addOns?: ListingAddOn[]
checkInTime?: string
checkOutTime?: string
quietHours?: string
amenities?: Amenities[]
houseRules?: HouseRules[]
minDays?: number
maxGuests?: number
iCalendar?: {
name: string
url: string
bedroom?: ListingRoomCount[]
roomCount?: ListingRoomCount[]
address?: {
street?: string
country?: string
mails: {
useListingMail: boolean
mailsToSend: MailsToSend


interface MailsToSend {
preCheckIn: {
status: boolean
title?: string
subject?: string
body?: string
removeBranding?: boolean
color?: HSBAColor
postCheckOut: {
status: boolean
title?: string
subject?: string
body?: string
removeBranding?: boolean
color?: HSBAColor


interface HSBAColor {
alpha: number;
brightness: number;
hue: number;
saturation: number;

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